Wuko Uni Bender 2204

$658.90 $583.00

This tool is part of every tinsmith's kit!

The benefits of the high-quality WUKO Uni Bender predecessor models combined with the new WUKO Uni Bender 2204.

The WUKO Uni Bender 2204 is a compact, basic model for bending various bends (0 - 90 °), profiles and shanks for both straight and curved (inner and outer radii) materials. Thanks to the four counter rollers, operation is easy and stable with straight materials and also allows effortless bending with curved sheet metal parts.

Technical Data

  • maximum bending height: 200 mm
  • minimum bending height: 5 mm
  • maximum plate thickness: 0.80 mm (limited, depending on material)
  • weight: 1.49 kg