Freund Tinmans Hammer - PVC

$64.90 $60.50
A high quality plastic head (150mm), striking face 1: 40x85mm, striking face 2: 10x85mm, and a handle made of ash wood, this is an essential for your tool box! It processes the material very gently, lies lightly in the hand, is robust and safe and has an optimally balanced weight between head and handle.
  • Flexible: A wide (40 x 85 mm) and a narrow (10 x 85 mm) work surface with a head length of 150 mm
  • Robust and wear-resistant: high-quality plastic head with rounded edges that is milled as a whole from the block
  • Durable and stable: By using an ash handle
  • Safe: ring wedge and handle lock with stainless steel screw in the head
  • Ergonomic: Good balance between head and handle for fatigue-free work