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Freund Clinching Pliers - 80mm

Freund Clinching Pliers - 80mm

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With these seaming pliers you not only do precise sheet metal work, but are also extremely flexible with the high insertion depth. With these pliers, higher folds and squeeze folds are no longer an obstacle for you. The pliers jaws close perfectly parallel and bend the sheet easily and precisely. For high and safe working comfort.

Technical Data

  • Practical: Particularly high insertion depth of 80 mm
  • Gentle on the material: Sheet metal is not damaged when bending through the jaws of the pliers
  • Handy: The green, dip-insulated handles fit perfectly in the hand
  • Comfortable: The trade is very smooth and has a long service life
  • Accurate: Fine bends thanks to the neatly crafted pliers jaws
  • Durable: high quality forged tool steel
  • Jaw Width - 80mm

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