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Wuko Clipper 1020 C2A Cordless Drive

Wuko Clipper 1020 C2A Cordless Drive

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For fast and effortless sheet metal cutting without chamferring and chipping. The WUKO Clipper 1020 C2A is equipped with a convenient support gear which facilitates the cutting of long plates on a table or floor. This tool can be used for straight or curved, long or short cuts and also for cutting wedge-shaped rows making it incredibly versatile. You have the option of clipping along a drawn line or by means of a side stop (adjustable guide) and being a portable tool can be taken from workshop to worksite! INCLUDES 2 batteries (Li-Ion x1 2.0 A/H & x1 5.5 A/H) with compatible battery charger.

OPTIONAL ADD ON: Adjustable Guide (Sold separately).

Technical Data

  • maximum plate thickness:
    galvanised, painted steel: 0.80 mm
    aluminium, copper, zinc: 1.00 mm
    stainless steel: 0.60 mm
  • cutting speed: max. approx. 15 m / min
  • minimum radius: 500 mm
  • weight with support gear:
    1020 C2A: 4.10 kg

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