Draco K8NL (350mm) - Single Lock Hand Seamer

$709.50 Incl. GST

The ergonomic Single Lock Hand Seamer K8NL closes the single seam.

Easy and fast closing roofs and facades thanks to the DRACO profile in profile system. This unique hinge mechanism ensures an ideal power transfer over the entire locking length and guarantees a perfectly closed seam through the tight pressure.

Moreover, it is ideal for start-up connections and hard-to-reach places, so wherever one can not get in with the electric tilting machines and still want to work quickly.

Sheet iron, aluminum, copper and zinc can be threaded to a thickness of 0.8 mm. In stainless steel the maximum thickness is 0.5 mm.

  • no scratch marks to coated or painted material
  • light in weight
  • ideal for starting or ending the seaming
  • easy to use
  • minimal force required
  • the tool can be used for closing vertical and horizontal seams
  • all parts are made of rust-free materials
  • anodized for hardness

Technical Data

Model K8NL
Item. No. 91535
weight 3.1 kg
stainless steel 0.5 mm
length 400 mm
width 310-530 mm
closing length 350 mm
aluminum, copper, zinc, steel 0.8 mm
Steel, Plastisol 0.8 mm