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Malco Flex Duct Tool Multi Purpose

Malco Flex Duct Tool Multi Purpose

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The versatile, new FDC3 Flex Duct Tool from Malco is actually three tools in one! The finely honed double-edged knife blade cleanly pierces through the outer skin, insulation and liner construction of flexible round duct and cuts in either direction. A thumb-operated latch opens the tool’s compound-leverage handles and the jaws of a built-in wire cutter to easily sever the exposed wire rib coil of duct liner.

Use the tool’s tie-tensioning mechanism to install a nylon tie strap and secure the flex duct take-off collar. With the handles of the FDC3 in the open position, a nylon tie can be threaded through the mechanism and then tightened by gently pumping the tool’s handles. Use the wire cutter to trim excess tie strap tail.

Trimming and installing flexible round duct is now as easy as one-two-three with Malco’s new FDC3 multi-purpose Flex Duct Tool.

  • Double-edged knife blade.
  • Thumb operated latch.
  • Built-in wire cutter.
  • Tie tensioning mechanism.
Technical Data
Catalog # Description Length (mm) Net Weight (g)
FDC3 Multi-Purpose Flex Duct Shear 302
Blades / Wire Cutter Variable Leverage Ratio High/Low Throughout Stroke
High Carbon Steel 10.4 to 1.0 – 11.9 to 1.0 (Wire Cutter)

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