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Freund Hand Notcher 35

Freund Hand Notcher 35

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These notching scissors do both the profile cuts and the perforation all in one. So all you need is this one tool. For example with pan corners for the wall connection of the angle or double fold. By the way, you can continue the cut indefinitely.

Technical Data

  • Time-saving: the rounded end of the cut makes additional perforation unnecessary and prevents the sheet metal from tearing
  • Flexible: The particularly long notch of 35mm length can be continued endlessly
  • Durable: locking lever protects the cutting edge
  • Convenient: there is no need to change tools
  • Ergonomic: Dip-insulated handles fit perfectly in the hand
  • Energy-saving: The long lever handles reduce the effort required, the robust return spring makes your work easier

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