Freund Clinching Pliers 45° - Staked joint - 60mm

$104.50 Incl. GST

These push-through folding pliers are not only smooth-running but also last a long time; A purchase that will last forever! Particularly convenient are the jaws  and their ability to close perfectly parallel with a head that is very straight but not sharp.

Technical Data

  • Practical: 45 ° curved pliers
  • Convenient: The industry is very easy to operate and has a long service life
  • Durable: high quality forged tool steel
  • Gentle on the material: Sheet metal is not damaged when bending through the jaws of the pliers
  • Ergonomic: The green, dip-insulated handles lie comfortably in your hand
  • Insertion depth - 48mm
  • Jaw width - 60mm