Wuko Lock n Roller 1040

$1,534.50 $1,402.50

A hand tool for closing a standing seam in both directions which is easy to insert or remove from the seam with it's handy eccentric locking lever. The Lock n Roller has a disc spring package for adjusting the sealing force and also for bending the roller at the fastening strips. These features all result in clean, even work, without scratching even the most delicate of surfaces! With both a detachable handle on top of the tool and handle bars on the side, the push/pull motion is simple. The 1040 features stainless steel bending rollers plus the possibility to attach a tow rope as well making it perfect for any low space jobs like those between a wall and scaffolding. 

Technical Data

  • maximum plate thickness:
    - galvanised, painted steel: 0.65 mm
    - aluminium, copper, zinc: 0.80 mm
    - stainless steel: 0.50 mm
  • seam width: 12-15 mm
  • tool length: 270 mm
  • weight: 2.9 kg