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Wuko Lock n Roller 1040

Wuko Lock n Roller 1040

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To close a single standing seam in both directions.

Perfect for closing longer length of single standing seam. Working alongside a seam closer like the DRACO K8, the 1040 can be inserted along at any point of the seam (50mm needs to be closed to start the seam first). 

Removable handle with tie down points allows tool to be attached to a rope and pulled up or down the seam. This also works well for tight areas (ie. between a wall and scaffolding).

Step 1:

Close the start of the standing seam with a K8

Step 2:

Attach 1040 and pull along to automatically close the seam.


Profile achieved by 1040

Technical Data

  • maximum plate thickness:
    - galvanised, painted steel: 0.65 mm
    - aluminium, copper, zinc: 0.80 mm
    - stainless steel: 0.50 mm
  • seam width: 12-15 mm
  • tool length: 270 mm

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